Exploring the Science of Well-Being

According to data... happiness can be developed

Hello! I’m Melissa.

Originally, I started this blog to track my travel explorations but I quickly realized that I had a greater love than travel.  I am adaptable and adventurous and have been blessed with global travel from a young age however, my greatest drive comes from the heart in helping and being of service to others.  

Like many, I am a life-long learner and after my a degree in social sciences, and languages, I continued to self- educate in areas of human potential, social behaviours, holistic health, fitness and wellness, Psychology, spirituality, mental health, leadership, and business.

Most recently, I have signed-up for an online course: ‘The Science of Well-being‘ by Dr. Laurie Santos, which has been made free to the public after becoming the most popular class in Yale University’s history. Part of the success of the course is to track our results, so here is where I will track them, along with sharing other grassroots stories in my blog.

If you find this area of study interesting, drop me a line and say hello, I’d love to connect.




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